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Our Story

In Thessalian plain in 2012, a private honey production company was created through the love of nature and pure prosion. The founder of this company, VASILIOS EKIZOGLOU, is a young man with a vision and a passion for anything natural, who has developed activities in the whole range of production, standardization and marketing of beeproducts. Thus he managed to bring to our table from raw natural foods, to special products that create unique taste experiences. Greek Honey APIHIVE is now ranked among the most recognizable Greek honey production and standardization companies. Our products have gained a significant market share. They are distributed throughout Greece as well as abroad, and have gained the trust of consumers.

Our Products

Our products come from the Greek nature. Our beehives are located from North Evia to the mountains of Kissavos, although our base is in the plain of Thessaly. Our products vary as do the parts of our production. That’s why you’ll find different types of honeys that cover all your flavors.

Chestnut & Oak Tree Honey (960g)

Woodland Honey (960g)

Wildflowers & Chestnut Tree Honey (960g)

Honey & Health


Nectar was the food of the Olympian Gods, and Ambrosia, which offered Immortality, contained royal jelly. Hippocrates and Aristotle recommended honey for the treatment of many diseases and believed that it prolongs life. Modern science has proven that honey does give longevity, gives energy to muscles, mental health, helps in cases of anemia, fatigue and insomnia. It shields the immune system, offers protection to the heart and even makes it easier for us to manage our weight. A valuable ingredient for skin and hair care. Growing our skin ages and loses its elasticity, dries and wrinkles. Honey, because it absorbs and maintains water in its molecules, is a moisturizing agent. For superficial acne scars and dichromia, it is natural antiseptic and healing ...