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Thousands of years ago, already in prehistory, people produced honey and made it part of their everyday life. As the years went by, honey and the bee took on a ‘role’ in mythology, with the god Apollo owing his beauty to the nectar. Also, the person who protected honey and beekeeping was Aristaeus.

Honey so sweet that it is. was seen as a symbol of fertility and good life. For honey is a natural “product” produced by bees after they gather nectar, the sap of plants and flowers.

The natural ingredients in the timeless “gold” are sugars, fructose and glucose, elements collected from flowers and plants.

In ancient times it was used as a sweetener and this is an element to consider in relation to sugar today.

It is important to know that honey is a product that does not spoil ‘easily’ and its shelf life is up to 3 years.

*We must place honey in a shady, cool and moisture-free place, not exposed to the sun.

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